Rahul Adithya

For the last two weeks I just haven’t stopped working, the few hours I get to steal for sleep I dream about what else I have to do, with of course a little hidden fantasy that my phone starts to rings and it’s a certain someone on the other end…

And even though that fantasy doesn’t seem realistic, the reality is I am certain to wake up to numeral text messages, Facebook messages from all my dearest friends… I sadly don’t have time to respond to 90% of them, but they understand.. Last night going to bed at around 3am frustrated about how much work I still have to finish while I have the time on my holiday… I woke to what I will consider to be my new fave quote and it came from one of my sweetest friends. (The handsome Rahul from the picture above.)

He quoted

Don’t walk as if you are the king, walk as if you don’t care who the king is.

I think one thing that adds a certain sparkle to my life, is that I have friends that are truly caring and sweet. From all walks of life; entrepreneurs, models, Djs’, lawyers, politicians, doctors, photographers they are all the same when it comes to how sincere and special they are.