I watched this video in the car, and the people in the car next to me must have thought I was insane, the tears started pouring as my hand did the fan motion…. The man’s reaction was heart-breaking in more ways than one. There comes a random man, offer’s a homeless man a fake lottery ticket knowing perfectly well that it was a losing ticket but had prepared the convenient store to give him a $1,000. The man wanted to preserve the homeless man’s dignity by letting him believe he won the money rather than just being given it doing so he also gave him the hope that his luck had changed, that things were starting to look up for him; the man gave him more than just money but a new hope.. How the homeless man responded was priceless, he took each glove slowly off, as though not believing but wanting to touch what he so desperately needed and it was right there, being offered to him.

People say that homeless people are bums, and useless, that they lack morals because if a person can allow themselves to hit a stage where they are forced to live like animals obviously they can’t hold any integrity.

What did the homeless man do??? He divided the money equally and said “I want to share, this is enough for me.” He wanted to share because he knew the ticket belong to the man and showed more integrity than any billionaire or average Joe. He didn’t offer lightly, he asked the man to take half and when the man refused and told him, he had fairly won the money (Oh God I cry just thinking about it) the homeless man didn’t know what to do, you saw his face wanting to exploded with tears as it sunk in that someone had shown him such kindness, a feeling and experience he had come forget… He stood there not knowing what to do, but experiencing the over-whelming feeling of gratitude, appreciation and shock to have been the receiver of a humanitarian miracle. The man saw his reaction and even went further as to hug him (MOST PEOPLE WOULDN’T HUG A HOMELESS PERSON), let the poor man ball on his shoulder, the homeless man gripped him as though wanting to say all the words he couldn’t find, the pain and relief that the man had eased his suffering and sorrow with a $1,000.

As they stopped hugging, both wiped their tears away..

The giver has a 1000 gold crowns on his head for showing kindness and mercy to a man he didn’t know, he had given hope to one of God’s children, he will hold a special place in heaven, because the bible says—- whatever you do on the lesser of my people who have done unto me.

I bet majority of people will watch the video and feel nothing, it won’t even awakening a sense of sympathy… they will walk pass another homeless person and not even recollect the tears that poured from this homeless man’s heart. People give to research and act as though they have done some great thing.. $100 million and another few million there… For research that produces nothing but a paid for honor/award/recognition… An average person needs $18 for shelter for a night..

$170.00 will help provide life-saving medical assistance for 7 elderly Jews for a month

$126.00 will help provide food for 9 Jewish children for a month

1 million dollars, giving a thousand dollars to each homeless person or family struggling, thats 1 million people that could be helped now.

3.1 million children under the age of 5 die each year from starvation.. Bill Gate’s home after intensive makeovers is worth $200 million and annual property tax is $991,000…. One home can end majority of the world’s starvation crisis.

So if the leading people of the world are more focused at looking humanitarian but in fact line their pockets with recognition and petty attempts of donations remember there is approximately 7 billion people in the world and your one of them, your actions can cause a pay-it-forward reaction of relief and kindness.

Be like the man in video and cause tears of hope.