When I was little, we would go as family to the lakeshore and feed the swans, ducks and geese… Seeing a flock of ducks and birds surround you, always made me happy, wearing my pink floral dress or my overly comfy overalls, I broke bread and giggled the entire times as I stood in the centre of such beautiful creatures and every once in the while I got to pat one.

So whenever I had a tough day as a little girl my mom would buy a loaf of bread, we would find a nice place to sit, her around me and she cheered me up with something so simple.. And today we drove by lakeshore, my mom and I looked at each other bought some bread and fed the ducks, a little childish moment relived… And the amazing thing is, if someone came to me and offered me the world, all of my carnal heart’s desires but I would have to give-up the immeasurable simple joy of feeding the ducks with mom, a complete childhood filled with feathery delight and my mom’s comforting hugs, well I would give up every pair of shoes but not even one of those moments – not for all the world! So to all of you, sometimes you have to remember what made you happy when little and when stressed, do it again. Don’t forget childish traditions no matter how silly they are, because happiness doesn’t come dressed in Prada, diamonds, flashy lights, fast cars, sometimes it comes in a bag of Wonder Bread and spending time with your loved ones, talking about the silliest of things… There is so many stories you parents have to tell, they lived a lifetime and you have a lifetime to listen.

To prove my point as were leaving and older man came with a big bag of bread and stood in the middle of the parking lot feeding the birds… Your never to old to indulge in an innocent joy.