How would you describe the color of the sea?

  • Dark Blue
  • Clear
  • Green
  • Murky

Which part of a mountain would you like to be at?

  • Top
  • Middle
  • Bottom

What shape do you like the most?

  • Circle
  • Square
  • Triangle

From question#3, how big would you like this object to be?

  • Very Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Big
  • Very Big

From question#3, what material should it be made of?

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Diamond
  • Metal

Picture a horse in your mind. What color is it?

  • Brown
  • Black
  • White

You are walking along a corridor and you see two doors. One is on your immediate left five paces away, and the other is at the end of the corridor. Both doors are open.

You find a key on the floor right in front of you. Would you pick it up?

  • No
  • Yes

A storm is coming. Which would you choose?

  • Car
  • House

Personalty Depiction 

  • Dark Blue: You have a complicated personality, you wish to keep many things private, you see things for what they really are and have learned to always be guarded and on top of things. You are a mystery that many want to dive into, but you also can be very stubborn, rude, harsh when you want to be and rarely can someone pull a fast one over you.
  • Clear: People tend to understand you very easily, your expressive and transparent and you assume others are as well, which leads you to finding yourself disappointed quite often. You rather see only the good, which can make people feel frustrated around you because some conversations with you may lack true reason and understanding of the situation. But you always make people feel happy and refreshed.
  • Green: Your carefree, lively, you can be selfish but somehow people benefit from your selfishness.. Your very much a win win type. Things seem to be nicer when your around and people enjoy your dominant personality even if at times you could be boring and aloof if not to say rude.
  • Murky: Well there is no nice way to say it.. Your not nice to be around.. People find you demoralizing even when your being fun.. Your the omen effect, bad things seem to happen when your around. People find themselves stressed around you and anticipating unpleasant events. You see things negatively and you are selfish.. your problems are always more important than the problem of others and make yourself out to be a martyr. You have no real solid relationships and normally have to bribe people to keep companionship.
  • Circle: Your a people pleaser! You don’t like making decisions and like things to predictable and organized. you like routine!
  • Square: Your a strong person who doesn’t tolerate weak people. You expect things to keep moving and are use to being in control with someone being by your side, your not open-minded and are extremely stubborn. You can have mood changes but even that seems to be in order. You have a hard time reaching the maximum potential that you could. But your clever and quick and see the bull’s-eye approach to a goal
  • Triangle: Your Alpha personality, you like people knowing their places and you make sure they know the boundaries. You don’t tolerate disrespect under any circumstance and people love you but fear you at the same time. Your generous and you watch out for others as an alpha does. Your sharp and clever, very well organized when you want to be and perfectly in control of your surroundings which make others feel comforted by your leadership. You don’t have any competition!
  • Top: You are ambitious, a dreamer, sometimes can be a little light-headed, you sometimes can look so much at the end goal rather than looking at the here and now, but you normally do succeed in achieving what it is you want. No one or anything will stand in your way, which also means you can be overly dominant and compulsive but many come to appreciate that in you and put you in the role of Alpha!
  • Middle: Your omega! You have no problem following the instructions of an alpha, while also being strong enough to enforce them on those weaker than you. You do get far in life but will never be a CEO type personality and you don’t truthfully strive to be in that position of power. Your happy being the successful family man.
  • Bottom: Your the weak link, “Never try, never fail” personality. You don’t strive for much and when people tell you “You can do so much more.” your answer is “I’m really trying, things just aren’t working out.” but the truth is you don’t try and are happy being at the bottom of the food chain. Great responsibility scares you and rely on the left overs of others. Your relationships normally fail specially if your a man.
  • Very Small: You are a weak person, you can never understand why people don’t take you seriously. You are afraid to speak your opinions and if you do, you will easily back down if you notice the person isn’t agreeing with you. Your the wounded chick that everyone will pick on and use. You can never claim the attention of an audience.
  • Small: Your aware of yourself but don’t speak out, your rather hint and let others fill in the pieces. Your the Val (The Nanny) type. Weak but oddly firm at the same time.
  • Medium: Your balanced, everyone likes you and those who don’t, can’t really pin-point why.. Your right in everyone’s face, you make yourself present but hold a decorum that makes you appealing, firm, trustworthy, steadfast and for some reason intimidating. You can handle any situation with a clear mind and a bold personality without being eccentric or wild or tacky but with class and pose. You see the goal without ever getting discourage or flighty. You normally win all arguments and what makes you better is, you fight the good fight but your also wise enough to know when a fight isn’t worth fighting. You are the ‘Steve Jobs’, an amazing person who could put on a good show but also always deliver wonderful products. And like in math.. always look for the medium ;D
  • Big: You are the life of the party, the first one in and the last one out.. People like you but don’t really take you seriously, your the first they call for the club but not for a nice cup of tea. You make a passionate friend but are selfish, you give only to impress, so people always have mix feelings about you.
  • Very Big: You are the Bill Gates! You make big claims, talk the big talk and are all about the show and end up producing nothing but blue lights of death. No one trusts you, your not the first people confide in because your overly big show personality makes people question your integrity and they see you as a selfish person who would kill to save to your own booty. You strive off the creativity of the medium personality and their original ideas and exaggerate the passion of the of the big personality and try to seem like the meak caring small personality. Very big personalities are usually very sneaky, manipulative, coniving, and aren’t loyal unless they benefit from the relationship.
  • Wood: You a very down to earth person, who likes things to be peaceful and harmonious. Your a show off, you like to keep things simple and probably are still best friends with your childhood best friend, your loyal, independent but desperately rely on the nurturing of your very close loved ones. You are the “Let the chips fall where they may” type of person.
  • Glass: Your a fragile person, your very sensitive and usually overthink things and end up getting depressed. You try to be as honest as you can, to be sincere in order to please others and come across as reliable and trustworthy and that you do.. Your the type of person that everyone comes to when in trouble and in need, and you are able to fix their problem but end up feeling abandon when they don’t need you anymore and disappointed because most people don’t try as hard as you. You seriously rely on the acceptance of others.
  • Diamond: Very stubborn people, normally vain and materialistic, rely on other people or they start to dim. Things come very easy for them because people have an innate want to please them. Your faithful to a degree but could easily fall out of love with someone and blame the failure of the relationship on them when it probably wasn’t, and with that you also fall in lust easily and confuse it for love. It takes a rough, stronger personality to keep you satisfied, you need to feel wanted and needed but with the hidden essence of being replaceable to keep you interested in a relationship. People want to be like you, envy you and wish their life could be like yours. You sparkle under the dimmest light.
  • Metal: Your solid, responsible, goal oriented, stubborn and others see you as inflexible. You know what you want and don’t compromise. If your a woman you probably will become The First Lady or play some role behind a great man, that you pushed to the top. You can be cold at times because you understand that you can also kill your loved ones with kindness, but you would die for your loved ones, your faithful till the end and never waver. But you are the person everyone comes to, your honest, sincere, bold, passionate, exciting and dependable who tolerates only the absolute best. You normally hold low expectations of others because you have found yourself disappointed far too many times and relish the moment of surprise when someone surpasses your expectations. Your actions are normally consider unconventional but surprisingly work like a charm. Remember platinum is a metal that shines bright but is the key to hold the diamond in place.
  • Brown: Your very down to earth, you have the grey mentality nothing is really black or white, you don’t hold strong passionate feelings on any particular subject, you try to keep a neutral mindset, which makes you the wonderful middle man for any dispute among friends, family or work. People feel comfortable around you because they normally don’t feel judge by you. But you may come off at times as not truly sincere because of your calm personality when others expect a hearty expression.
  • Black: Your unpredictable, wild and exciting. Appealing to everyone, and usually make great partners, have a very hard time falling in love but when you do its solid and you can’t turn back, you will do everything to make that relationship passionate, comfortable and true. You normally keep your feelings to yourself and are wise as to what feelings you express. Your the ying and yang, you are perfectly balanced between emotional and logical. You see things for what they are and use it to your benefit. You don’t rely on others and when you do, you don’t need a lot of attention. You are much more the giver than the taker which makes others rely on you for everything and with your overly independent personality you may get irritated by this but won’t express it. You need your space but when you come out of the shadows of alone time, your more fragrant than a field of roses and lavender. The great thing about you is your always able to see the good during the bad and very intuitive. Your ability to understand others leave people thinking your psychic, which plays a good role in your phenomenal understanding of human psychology and predicting their future actions.
  • White: Its no surprise that your a goodie-tooshoe.. Your not a thrill seeker and normally your partners want to try to spice things up with you and everything remains “F” for family. Your always the first to say sorry and even fights with you seem to lack the whoomp that it should.. I can say your definitely not Italian or Mexican if you picked white.. You live in a fairytale and you stay away from people that hamper the way you see things.. Your not a three dimensional thinker and have a hard time dealing with stressful situations. You might be very bubbly, happy, and joyful but if something bad happens you can’t deal with it. “Why did this happen.. I’m a good person” is usually your trend of thought during hard times. but as long as nothing bad is happening to you, you are able to lift anyone’s spirit. Your not intuitive and lack that charm of human psychology.
  • Yes: No surprise your an opportunist.. Its a good thing because your mind is like a vault you save everything in case it might come handy later.. if your a woman.. Your poor boyfriend! Because he will never rationally win an argument. Your also a master of your surroundings you prepare yourself far in advance even if you don’t know what your preparing for. I bet when you were thinking of this question you also thought “Is it dirty or clean?” You are the go getter that is always a head of the group
  • No: You are not an opportunist and therefore miss a lot of opportunities and find yourself asking why others have things that you want. You may work just as hard as everyone else, but you miss the little details that take you one step further. You see the big picture but you always fall one degree short of what you expected.You stick to the rules and the ordinary approach to things.
  • Car: You are a flighty personality, which means you switch easily your emotions and always rely on someone else to help solve your problems or to make you feel safe, your not grounded as an individual. Your also the type that if the going gets too tough try to escape and run away from it than standing bold. Your the “He said, she said” when really its you said type.
  • House: Your a very solid person, when the storms comes you stand firm and face full on, and at work you excel because you fake a smile and deal with adversity like a pro. Your the firm foundation that makes others feel safe when hard times hit. You are very family oriented and keep the dirty laundry very well hidden within family. When your down you are very optimistic about the final result and outcome. You see trials as a tool to test your strength and personal growth. when others shake your plotting a plan for success. Your a natural leader who picks a small amount of people to be part of your pack.