Avra Amar Filion & Papa

My papa holding my hand

When I was little, I was entirely daddy’s little girl.. He taught me to ride my bike, how to swing a bat and how to punch… But I was very stubborn as a child nothing has change, if anything I have only gotten worse.. But growing up, I liked doing things on my own, and even if my papa carried me around, he was always there when I wanted to walk.

My stubby little legs in a hurry and him holding my hand, making sure I didn’t fall and if I tripped he made sure he let me fall gently, as my diaper took the impact, and let me get back up on my own.. If I had hurt myself, I would move in front of him, put both my chubby arms out, he would hold both my hands and as a tear made its way out of my eye as I uttered “I hurt” he would pick me up and knew I needed a hug. I fell many times but one thing was for sure he was holding my hand every time!

If I got scared, I didn’t hide behind his leg, I would put my hand far above my head and feel my papa’s big hand take hold of mine and I felt safe to confront my problems, I knew jaws couldn’t hurt me if papa was there, no boy could intimidate me while my papa was holding my hand… Even to this day, if I’m about to cry, he grabs my hand and somehow my childish strength, that came with a belief of safety empowers me and my tears dry up being replaced with a new hope.

There is something about holding your daddy’s hand when you’re a little girl specially when your papa allows you to fall, but is there when you get back up. It instills in the most secret places in your heart a security, a never wavering belief that everything will be okay.

There reason I brought up my papa is to talk about my Abba papa. Life is never easy, we sometimes walk faster than we can and hit the ground, sometimes we find ourselves on our knees scrapped and wounded, sometimes we find ourselves frightened of tomorrow and the results of our actions, and if I learned anything from my earthly fatherly is, all I have to do is raise my hand above my head in faith and I will find support and safety, a hand willing to raise me up again.. So when faced with a horrible situation, I resort back to my little girl ways; I say a prayer, lift my hands in worship and thank Him for all the bad and praise Him for the good and things always seems to heal.

I saw picture that said

“ Do not judge, You don’t know what storm I’ve asked her to go through. – God”

People are quick to make assumptions, to judge and mock the suffering of another; Job is the perfect example of the stupidity of others. People think, “Why am I going through this? I can’t do it.” But remember when you were little, you had to hit your bottom, you had to scratch your knees, you had to face scary moments and your papa and mama had to let you in order to let you learn, but they were always there to watch over you, to make sure no real harm came to you.

God is no different than an earthly parent, His hand is always stretched forth and the only reason things get worse is because we never reach out to Him, to receive His support and comfort.

Let me assure you, whatever problem you face now, whatever attack your going through, it too will pass! We are never given more than we can handle, just a whole lot more than we thought we could. God allows us to face a storm, because He trusts we can come through it stronger and wiser…You just have to have faith that He is there by your side and through Him we are water walkers. Don’t get discourage if people don’t understand what your going through, you don’t need the comfort of others, you don’t need the guidance of someone who is learning a different lesson than you.. Some are born walking, others running and some crawling, but a papa is always there when you stumble, he is there when you attempt and always pushing you to the next level and when you fail, he is there to make sure you try again!

Maybe you think I’m overly religious… You would be mistaken, I’m not by any means religious, I have just personally experienced miracles that come with faith, a belief that cannot wither away not matter how harsh your surroundings may be. I have learned beautifully that in life everyone eventually lets you down or mocks your trials, but He is always there……. There is NO prayer too great that He can’t answer. He is the hand the holds you up and the steady ground beneath your feet to help you find balance when you fall.

His word and promises never goes back, and we are reaping the benefit of Him keeping His covenant and promise to David.

Religion is based on rules and personal restraint which is good at times, every religion has their own version of the 10 commandments even the atheists… but then there is walking in faith that produces positive results when keeping the commandments as a compass.

If your going through a hard time, believe as a child would, put your hand out in faith, you won’t be sorry!