I knew this guy, we were just friends… He clearly wanted to be more.. He did everything that a girl would want, was funny, was nice, was complimentary… and yet everything seemed BLAH, it lacked the sentiment of true sincerity from the heart, it lacked the sensitivity that should be pumped into each action… and then I meet someone from long distance and immediately there was a difference in how I related to the actions.. Words are so much more than words when a girl can feel the passion hidden in each intonation, a good deed is almost revolutionary when its from the heart rather than a perfectly acted played.  You want to know the key to a woman’s heart, you have to unlock it with yours. The heart has an energy that is like fog, you can’t hold it but when you walk into it, you can feel the coolness, the delicate touch of the smallest particles of moisture that fills that sheet of condensation.. be as fog, let your heart’s energy enwrap her in a blanket of honest sentiments.

Avra Amar Filion