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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Family Day 😀

On Sunday I watched an absolutely beautiful movie and I cried just as much as I did with The Notebook, and Hachi. Surprisingly it was a Christian movie called “The 5th Quarter” it wasn’t one of those movies where they shove God’s name down your throat, they kept to the principle of faith with a beautiful message of love, sorrow and despair but most importantly overcoming the emotional pain that is truly unbearable and life shattering. I know that the point of a blog, is to write about make-up, does lard really taste better for baking?, How to get his attention, random thoughts, and quotes.. or better yet HOW CAN YOU MAKE MONEY OFF BLOGGING??…. And maybe my blog will become repetitive… But I write about what I truly care about, what I’m passionate about and what I believe in… sadly my views come down to, not trapping men for money and the strength in womanhood, the Lord I serve, people worthy of respect which comes down to very little in this day and age, and more so than anything the suffering of others and how one life could change by another’s action to help.

The movie reminded, that no matter how tough my life may get, there is someone clinging with all of their dear life to just be able to breath and not collapse in the pain their experiencing whether its physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

People today have become so mislead about how to perform and how to help.. People with money think, that giving money for research benefits anyone; no, they are following a trend, competing in a popularity contest, “oh she donated money for the walk of cancer and I will too” “Oh he donated to polio, it will be great for my reputation if I do the same.”  I support research and I support the movement to help those with polio but I do not believe in the way the world advertises the main issues of this world.. Its like killing a fly and repeatedly smacking it and saying I killed all the flies while the door is covered with them, swarming around, and your blind to the reality of what is and what you could do.

Its like the coca cola campaign to save the polar bears.. “We will save the polar bears and give 4 million dollars” and then in fine print- over the time period of 5 years.. Right they spend millions and millions of dollars on promotional products but it will take 5 years to give pocket change.. You know when someone is giving for the betterment of their image by looking at how much they can spend on what’s important to them and how quickly they can spend 5 times more than they donate in a single day.. So really, if  your money and your effort didn’t help someone today, your not informed and your not really interested in helping as much as following a trend and making an image.

People suffer, they hurt, and they literally live for a day, praying that a miracle may happen that they have enough for one day more and sadly majority of them face tomorrow without enough. Many people I know and have come to love, have faced breast cancer, I know the process but I also know walking won’t save a life, and there is so much more that one can do to eradicate the suffering of humanity. People today fall to idealism.. “My love one suffered from this and I will help another from having to suffer the pain of lost, like I did.” So they donate to research, they give long spills about their donations, their participation, but they can easily witness a poor person hungry, a child not having enough food, an animal being abused and not even care.. The motto now is “Don’t feed that stray dog, he’ll want more.” And then have the nerve to preach about our humanity. People think oh I can’t give money to that person, I have to make my monthly donation to my organization.. You see, if you can’t help the person in front of you, if you can’t reach out to many organizations and acknowledge the world of pain waiting for a helping hand, your little donations is for you to feel human and make yourself feel better about who you are and in reality your just a selfish person wanting recognition and fill the void that you experience in your mundane, boring life.

I want to talk about one of the many organizations I support… “International Fellowship of Christians and Jews”… Now I have been mocked for claiming I’m a Christian but yet I wear The Star of David. Since I was a little girl, I have been surrounded by the beautiful people of Jewish belief; Uncle Jay Holder and Aunt Rita, Aunti Norma and Uncle Michael.. I would sit on their laps and hear them tell me beautiful stories; they would sing praise in Hebrew and bless me with Yiddish prayers… My parents raised me with the precious traditions of Passover, Sukkot, celebrating Shabbat, etc., I grew up loving the Jewish people and their beliefs and traditions, I abundantly respect them, and I show respect to all religions, for religion kills man-kind and I will not judge another for their beliefs as I expect the same respect. When I was 10, I received a 2kt diamond ring as my promise ring to stay clean till marriage, when I was 15 I got a 5kt diamond ring, my parents believe in upgrades, but around the middle of October, 2013 my aunt brought me back a Star Of David ring, she wanted it to be another promise ring for me. Though I will confess, I do love my diamonds and I could say that a diamond symbolizes my worth and purity but I rather chose the symbolism that came from The Star Of David, My Lord was Jewish and I worship Him… so what better than a promise ring made out of silver that holds the respect and traditions of the King I serve.  I didn’t trade my God, I rather cemented Him boldly into my promise.

And no, I am not one of those people who believe in what they were brought up with… I have taken over 8 courses of world religion, 5 of them university level, I have every text book, book there is to purchase… whether we come from a bang, a monkey, a flower, or whether there is heaven or hell, or we’ll return to earth as a tiger or a rock, one thing is a fundamental truth with religion, no matter how twisted the belief is, is to be kind to another. America was founded by the Jewish people and with our freedom, we have a price to pay to them, we walk in a world of possibilities and they walk in fear not knowing what will happen in the next second to come. Anyone who says the Jewish people are not to be saved or helped are sick, they come not from a God of love and could never profess the name of the Lord Most High for He was a Jewish boy. The “I Am” is “ehyeh asher ehyeh”

God said they are the apple to His eye, they are His chosen people, to whom the promises He made to Abraham, Isaac, Moses And Jacob will last through each living Jew and whatever they suffer on our account, we will have to reap ten times fold and whatever we could have done to help a Jew and didn’t, we will face the lack of help when we need it most.

I respect this organization, they do the work and I can be sure that my $100 or my $1000 will help someone today, give food to a person who doesn’t have a table but an empty stomach, give medicine to the elderly and the young.. It will put a smile on a blessed person who has generations and generations affliction, a history of suffering, the chains of infirmity wrapped around their ankle and yet they are strong enough to hold to faith, like true warriors of understanding and belief. I do ask if you have $5, spend it, letting it help another today.. lets not hope for a brighter tomorrow, lets make it a brighter today. The organization is wonderful and doing everything with the resources they have to help the Jewish people and I ask you join with them in the effort.

The reason I brought up the movie, is it shows the pain of loss and it reminded me of a Hebrew word “Mizpah” meaning the deep emotional bond between people, especially those separated by distance or death.

We are brothers and sisters, we are separated, our understanding, beliefs, and culture divide us but in our spirits we have bond to another, to save them from death.