May you all have a wonderful night and a rejuvenating sleep.

God bless you

Jewish Prayer ( Lay Us Down)

V’hagen ba-adeinu, v’haser me’aleinu oyev, dever v’cherev v’ra-av v’yagon, v’haseir satan mil’faneinu u-mei-achareinu, uvtzel k’nafecha tastireinu, ki El shom’reinu u-matzileinu atah, ki Kel melech chanun v’rachum atah
Shield us, remove from us foe, plague, sword, famine, and woe; and remove spiritual impediment from before us and behind us and in the shadow of Your wings shelter us (Tehillim 17:8) – for G-d who protects and rescues us are You; for G-d, the Gracious and Compassionate King, are You. (Nechemya 9:31)

Ushmor tzeyteinu u-vo-einu, l’chayim ulshalom mei-atah v’ad olam, [added on Shabbat –> ufrot aleinu sukat sh’lomecha
Safeguard our going and coming – for life and for peace from now to eternity. (Tehillim 121:8) And spread over us the shelter of Your peace.

Baruch atah Hashem, hapores sukat shalom aleinu, v’al kal amo Yisrael, v’al Yerushalayim. Amein
Blessed are You, Hashem, Who spreads the shelter of peace upon us, upon all of his people Yisrael and upon Yerushalayim. Amein.