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What is Trichobezoar? Let look at the meaning of the word- Trich means in Greek “Hair” and Bezoar means in Old French “Mass” more or less..

Trichobezoar is a mass found trapped in the gastrointestinal system and is formed from the ingestion of hair.

This commonly associated with Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling),

The chances of this happening is rare but if present often fatal and would need surgical assistance in most cases whether or not fatal.

Trichobezoar is a one of the Bezoar there other forms of foreign masses being trapped in the gastrointestinal system

1) Food boluses (or boli, singular, bolus) carry the archaic and positive meaning of bezoar, and are composed of loose aggregates of food items such as seeds, fruit pith, or pits, as well as other types of items such as shellac, bubble gum, soil, and concretions of some medications.

2) Lactobezoar is a specific type of food bezoar comprising inspissated milk. It is most commonly seen in premature infants receiving formula foods.

3) Pharmacobezoars (or medication bezoars) are mostly tablets or semiliquid masses of drugs, normally found following overdose of sustained-release medications.

4) Phytobezoars are composed of indigestible plant material (e.g., cellulose), and are frequently reported in patients with impaired digestion and decreased gastric motility.

5) Diospyrobezoar is type of phytobezoar formed from unripe persimmons.Coca-Cola has been used in the treatment.
6) Trichobezoar is a bezoar formed from hair – an extreme form of hairball. Humans who frequently consume hair sometimes require these to be removed. The Rapunzel syndrome, a very rare and extreme case, may require surgery.

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