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Stone & Crystal= Personality Therapy

The best way to receive effective therapy is to have Jewellery with the gem, stone or crystal directly touching the skin this is specially true concurring, Amethyst, Citrine.

If one does not want to wear jewellery it is also acceptable to place in a cotton pouch or simply slip into pockets.

It is said that one should only wear one stone at a time in most case this would be true but the mistake is more than one stone can be worn according to the personality/ symptom being address and the severity.. For Severe symptoms it is best to wear about 3 stones in correlation with one each other. If not severe one can wear numeral stones etc with keeping the size and colour of each stone, crystal, gem in consideration as that also holds value to its impact to the body and its response.

The time length worn is also a contributing fact

Do you know which stone you should have with you on Valetine’s Day??

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