I have met many healers… And truthfully a peanut can impress me more so than they and then I have I met healers that leave my imagination in pure amazement for the wealth of their knowledge but then there is Dr. Stanley and unlike any other he obtains the blessing of wisdom that runs endless like the continual flow of a river.

A qigong master, a genius with an acupuncture needle, a poet in teaching, and a lover of all things righteous and complex.

I will never know if he is using energy control to make the room tremble but one thing I am certain of, when he walks in the whole world is right behind him. A humble man that shatters the walls of infirmity and emotional uncertainty.

I don’t want the the mountain to come to me, and I don’t want to go to the mountain I seek to follow dr. Stanley and continue to learn from his innate understanding of the human body and the realms of the invisible power I have yet to learn to master as he has!

I suggest every one to join his teachings and take his courses, your guaranteed to see me there!!

Written by: Dr. Avra Amar Filion

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