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COLOR TEST! What color did you see first?-Color Meaning-

Black: Protection, Dramatic, Serious, Formality, secretive, death, mystery, strength, authority, pensive, classy, deep thinker, wavers from extremely confidence in some aspect to massively insecure in other regards, clever, witty, brilliant (in most cases), successful, superior, invigorating, independent, more logical than emotional, faithful but can cut cords easily, deep, analytical, protective.

Blue: Calm, loyal, security, trusting, intelligent, aloof, fearful, mundane, tranquility seeker, loyal.

Brown: Friendly, down-to-earth, active, conservative, dogmatic, stable, simple, intelligent, cautious, abrupt, personable, loyal, logical over emotional, appeaser.

Gold: Wealth, prosperous, valuable, very quick, traditional, dreamer, wise, very friendly and personable without every revealing too much about themselves, grounded, brilliant, sharp, confident, sensitive, very strong and bold. Out spoken and opinionated while being very open-minded, loyal and faithful, reliable, independent, solid, courageous, focused, determine, picky, attractive physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually… equally logical with emotional.

Grey: Secure, intelligent, solid, conservative, gloomy, sad, mourning, moody, clingy at times, procrastinator, lacks ambition, lacks true friendships but have large groups of acquaintances.

Green: Greedy,always self-developing, fertility, fresh, attractive personality, healing, envious, jealous, balanced while chaotic, matures quickly but doesn’t see things in a normal light as another would, harmony seeker.

Ivory: Child-like, quiet, pleasant, clean, pure, feeble, weak, unreliable, while very stubborn, dependent.

Orange: Courage, confident, warm, friendly, successful, ignorant, sluggish, joyful, sarcastic, rude, blunt, odd yet appealing.

Pink: Immature with childish expectations, healthy, happy, compassionate, sweet, selfish, playful, insecure, vain, weak, could be out spoken, dependent, friendly, forgiving.

Purple: Royal, nobility, spirituality, ambitious, creative, loner by choice even though extremely personable, luxurious, fun, mysterious, moody, revengeful, gracious, dominate, selfish but caring and can be very giving.

Red: passionate, excitable, unreliable, spontaneous, desirable, determine but often doesn’t complete things, faithful by want, easily switches moods and sentiments, impatience, powerful, selfish.

Silver: Glamorous, High tech, graceful, sleep, dreamer, insecure in some aspects but confident in others, humble but yet bold, feminine, strong, can handle stressful situations, takes their time to make decisions.

Tan: Dull, leisure, flexible, conservative, dependable, lacks strength and excitement uncertain of their own person, trying to live up to others expectations.

Turquoise: Spiritual, healing, protective, sophisticated, normally can see the solution clearly during a stressful situation while remaining calm and positive, independent but becomes dependent on the person the open-up too, great friends, attractive personality, can suffer moments of hopelessness.

White: Goodness, innocence, purity, fresh, positive mind-set, seeks to see the good in all circumstances, easy, at times could be cold and distant, could close-minded, compulsive, organized, lacks the want to see things as they really are, wants to feel pure and on top of things and of others while at the same time has a weak personality, these people usually make good writers for novels/fiction.. People pleasers, tries to act Alpha but will always be omega.

Yellow: Happy, life of the party, creative, intelligent, crafty, uplifting, at times irresponsible, unstable mood swings, very dominant personalities, my way or the highway attitude, very caring, warm, gentle, giving, they always seem to blossom even in harsh circumstances, holds a grudge, confrontational, big dreamers who accomplish a lot without ever setting any plans, don’t get on their bad side or you will get burned, determine, equally optimistic &¬†pessimistic depending their mood of the day, always there when you need them, faithful.