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Love a mysterious moment of serendipity….We all seek but we are the ones that are found. Love comes not too early and never late. When life seems irreparable it comes with a devilishly handsome smile or with the uttering of simply “Hello” and unimaginable life altering circumstances takes place. It’s the wounds on each heart, the scars of each word spoken, the unbearable sound of the silence after each goodbye but all this seems forgettable when a split second in time happens, you don’t know why but you found safety with someone you don’t even know, you desire to tell them everything about your life and when they laugh your heart leaps a beat. Love comes in all shapes and sizes but its impact is always the same. You may cry, you may get angry, your pride will succeed the sky but love will take you back on your knees and make peace. It doesn’t hold a grudge, its love itself that makes unpleasant moments bearable simply for the fact you’re with that individual.
Forever seems to short, eternity doesn’t allow enough time to explore your amore and infinity is just scratching the surface of how long that love will last.
Love an overly used word to complete inane sentences of everyday talk but it holds the poetic beauty of freedom, the lavishing comfort of adoration and use properly no word can make a soul feel the way it does in the sentence ” I love you.” The straight on glare where humiliation is not consider, fear is non-existent and sincerity, passion and respect speak divinely from the heart, mind and soul. Three simple words collide two lives into one, never to break and never to fade. History portrayed love as the universe.

Its vastness immeasurable, its glow as the sun, its beauty as the moon, its glitter of rejoice as every twinkling star in the black sky and protection like the north star always there when you need it. Love, it will find you just to remind you how precious you are but comes only when wanted and when maturity has grasp the wisdom of how precious it is.

Valentine’s Day though not too close but is close enough.. I want to share that those who have had failed relations I pray for you find this kind of love and some of you already have been blessed with it and if you have that special someone start the count down early… Do something special for them, to remind them how much you love them.. To all of you I tagged like friends, family I love ya because to me each and one of you are one of a kind and there isn’t anything I would want to change about you!


Avra Amar Filion