beggar ignored

Are we immune to human suffering, world hunger, and life abuse?

I want to start with a story. One that haunts my memories and the very actions I make to this day, before I continue to my thought it will abridge my view and outlook of the treatment of others.

When I was four, my mother and father would take my sisters and I to a park, they would let us play, we would have family picnics and feed the ducks and swans.. it made my sisters and I very happy..

One particular day I had one of my friends join me, I wore my special open-back pink floral dress, it was the only dress I would wear since I was a total tomboy… I was an overalls girl and never swayed but made an exception for this dress that made me feel like a total princess. All day my friend I played, me being extremely careful not to get my dress dirty, and there playing in the sand that surrounded the jungle gym, was a down-syndrome boy, laughing and enjoying running his hands through the sand, not building anything just feeling the sand run through is fingers and laughing. My friend told me

“My mama said to stay away from kids like them because they are bad and evil.”

We played until her mother came to pick her up.. her words stuck with me.. he did act funny so he must have been a bad person.. My mom picked me up, carried me to the suburban, buckled me in and as we were driving out of the park, coming to a stop sign… A limousine pulled up next to us and inside was another down-syndrome boy, he looked at and waved, he gave me a smile that was penetrating with a sense of joy and desire to be accepted.. He waved as his smile got bigger with drool leaking through the corners of his mouth.. It was as though for a moment in time I was the total happiness of this boy, in hopes that I would wave back…

My friends words resounded louder and louder in my head with each side to side motion he made to wave. I turned my head and ignored him, I saw the flowers on my dress and I quickly looked back up and his car was already a little ahead of ours and I could see him pressing his face to the window with the saddest face I have ever witnessed. His look was as though I had shattered his world, I had ripped from him any joy he had experienced that day.. My ignorance and cruelness was almost a mirror that showed him a reflection of himself, my lack of response somehow communicated that he wasn’t worth waving back too or smiling too.

I wanted to catch up to him and smile, I wanted to wave, I wanted to hug him to undo the sadness that appeared on his face due to my actions or better yet lack of actions.. To this day, I can see that boys face as though he is right in front of me, I can remember his red polo shirt with yellow piping, his shockingly white teeth surround by foamed up drool, the sincerity in his smile and the passion in his wave.. even the way the sun reflected on the window almost blackening the inside of the car but making him shine as he leaned towards the window. I am 22 years old now, I have made many stupid mistake that personally affected me and that one should regret but when asked what is my greatest regret.. It is most definitely and undoubtedly that boy. I remember going home looking at my little flower dress that made me feel so special and how it made me feel almost disgusted with myself, as if I had drooled all over it with contempt, carelessness.. The boy I had thought was evil, revealed that listening to the untrue statements made about an innocent person and acting on those judgments in fact made me evil. To this day I cannot be confronted with a down-syndrome person and not feel utter remorse and desire to do anything to make them smile, going completely out of my way to accomplish it.

But today we see a world of people suffering, children crying, sadness flooding the hearts and souls of millions of people around the world and our trend of thought is “If they wanted they could help themselves…. I have to take care of myself….. There is someone else who will do something.”

We have become immune to misery, the torture that others endure while we leisure away in petty activities. We walk before the hungry and needy and continue to stuff our faces like pigs in the truff, snorting and huffing as we try to stuff more in, not even leaving a spec left on the dirt for the birds. We determine the lives of others based on self-opinions, never truly considering the circumstances one might have faced, the sadness that shattered their life into unmendable pieces. There are some people that have encountered trials that turned them into dead bodies that still breath and then we with our mightier-than-thou attitude look upon them as worthless because we compare their life to the mundane of ours, we reply to their need with cruelty and ignorance. We can walk pass a dying child and feel not ounce of sympathy or empathy or humanity, we can watch as their muscle gets eaten away by the devastating hand of starvation and our good excuse “Oh those organizations don’t really give the money to the children, they pocket most of it.”

James Robison does fantastic work of bettering the life of those in need.. International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a truly remarkable organization… You see, if you say you want help, you could do some research and find great organizations that do make a difference…. We are masters at googling for those no longer for sale heels, that funny video on youtube that you don’t know the name of… when its matters to us, we can find the one grain of salt in the sands of the beach… so really it comes down too, helping doesn’t really matter to us…

The man who has ears hears, the man who has eyes see… but do you care?

If the insensitivity of others didn’t bother me enough, don’t be one of those hypocrites that holds the child in front of the camera, who has a bank book as proof of all your donations and photographs of all your charitable work, don’t be a humanitarian glory seeker.. Help others without wanting recognition, the pat on the back, the applause of your peers.. do good when no one else is around.. comfort another, feed another, help another when the only person there to witness it is the individual themself and the Lord above.

World Hunger statistics state the 1.5 million children die every year from starvation, that’s just children… forget the rest of the population, the need for jobs, the ones living on food stamps.. Animal cruelty… most people don’t even cry for the commercials.. Every time I see a commercial for animal cruelty, I am crying like a baby.. Did you even know that donkeys are one of the most abused working animals, and there is: The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, The Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue (USA) .. Amazing people who take care of these beautiful blessed creatures (one of them carried the Lord on his back) that were abused to the point that they were the image of death and restore them to happy healthy creatures, that seek attention and to be patted. Did you know that donkeys are one of the most loving animals when they feel they can trust you, they will break their back to please their master while being one of the most delicate mammal that suffers serious genetic health defects… Pitbulls, Dobermans, animals in general are dying due to our barbaric mistreatment and disrespect for the life God created. We live a soulless life, because without compassion we live meaningless lives and true meaning lies in the sympathy that our souls can produce for the suffering of another.  My grandmother always said “You know the quality of a person by the way they treat an animal”

Sadly I think we have come to place were must now train ourselves to care for someone else, to see someone on the streets and stop ourselves in our tracks and give them enough money for a meal, to go online and donate to a charity on the regular bases, that we consciously make ourselves aware of others and embark on making a difference no matter how insignificant.. To you a piece of bread means nothing but to another it might mean the world.

This quote is as used as a girl who says “I’ve never done this before”

But Gandhi said “be the change you wish to see in the world” unfortunately people today don’t want to see a change in the world, so be the change for another that you would want to see in your own life. When we are grasping for our final breaths you will be confronted with all lives you could have bettered but rather you kept on walking.