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Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss…. But every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.

— Wendelin Van Draanen

This quote is one of my favorite.. based on the sentiments and foundation in which it was being quoted. Its from the movie “Flipped” a little movie that was actually quite lovely.. I have always believed that love.. true unconditional love is: respecting someone for their perfections and loving them for their imperfections.

To find someone that with all their flaws and downfalls shimmer in way that is unique to the beholder.. A siren’s calls, a moment of mamihlapinatapai. That, that person enters you, even if at the moment you didn’t notice it; lingers in your subconscious making an everlasting comparison to the only one who shined unlike every other person you have come across. The sad thing is we get accustomed to flat, gloss, satin, eggshell type people, that when someone truly iridescent comes along, we disregard them as weird, complicated instead of treasuring them.

Let me tell you this.. When you find that one person who sparkles in way that is incomparable, that their glow seems to reach your soul… Fight. Don’t let them go, if the entire world calls you crazy, if you reach the point of insanity, but in the end you have them, it was worth every effort. Naturally, I believe in composure, emotional restraint and control, but in the name of love there are no rules. Even if you don’t end up with them, you won’t have the regret not trying, you will feel the pride that you did everything in your human power to not let them go.

When I lived in the states I was 13… One day my mother and I went to the bank and there was this little old man, who possessed a quality so luminous yet painful… A man hunched over still had a pride so upright that is showed more than his physical stature… He lingered outside, we thought maybe he was lost, so we offered him a ride.. He said he was waiting for his grandson to pick him up… but we stayed to chat we didn’t feel right to leave him alone… and how the conversation switch I can’t recall, but what I do remember, is the love this man got to experience. He was the example that left me with such a high expectation of what I want out of a marriage…. that no money, no good looks, nothing could compromise me waiting for what he had. He talked about his wife.. he use to be postal man and she was one of the houses he delivered too. He spoke that he didn’t have much money based on his job, but he saved every penny he earned to buy her a beautiful ring and prepare a life she deserved… He always took the liberty to delivered the mail directly to her instead of putting it in the mailbox like he did for every other house. He said the first time he laid eyes on her, he knew he loved her and he could never love another or substitute… He was almost 90 years old, he had a hard time remembering his name but he remember what she was wearing, how she had her hair pinned-up, the tint of her cheeks, and has he recalled her smile, he started glow… He went on to say… that after marrying her, he never felt like he was doing enough, with everyday they spent together, the more he acknowledge she deserved more and he accomplished more based on that feeling of love. He said “In all my years, I have done many things… But the only thing that I am proud of, was being able to call her my wife… she wasn’t just a special woman.. she was a 100 pecenter… everything she did was a 100%, I was her only compromise and she made me a better man… she made my life… She was my angel and I know she’s giving a 100% even in heaven.”

He described her in such a way, that you felt like the clouds were turning pink, and violet due to the expressive passion and romanticism he was oozing in memory of her. He took out her picture and bragged about her as if he was about to arrive home to her, she dwell in place so deep in his heart, decorated with a life time of memories of love, joy and pride. If I have ever seen love that wasn’t on the big screen, it was this man, and no movie script could capture that true love that man developed in inkling of moment.

She was his iridescent love and he treasured her the same as the first day 22 years after she passed. He said that she turned him down several times, but he refused her rejection, that he loved her and was going to marry her if it was the only thing he ever accomplished in his life… He laughed as he remembered all his attempts… “Looking back on what I did to get her attention, she must have thought I was crazy… and I was! I was crazy about her from her very first smile. But knowing she loved me and said yes to me, gave me more joy than any man can ask for, enough to even last me when she is gone.” He said.

I think we should all strive to have a marriage like that… To wait to be someone’s iridescent soul-mate… To act absolutely bonkers, ridiculous for the one person that no one else in the world can compare too, and perhaps that person no one else can love.