Long time ago, rested in a young girl’s heart the fear of the dark. When light turned to grey and vanish into a black curtain of night she looked for the guiding glow of the moon. Nights without it’s brightness shining through her massive window, her eyes would refuse to close. Only the moon brought her a sense of safety.. The older she grew a hidden passion for the night did also.. She found excitement in the tinkling of the black sky, the sounds of the crickets playing a melody that swarmed around her last glimpse before falling asleep.. A quick peek at the marvelous moon so high.. Through all her time she saw it switch from red, orange, far, close, full, and half …. but her favorite, was the magic that occur when it turned blue.. A phenomenon she came to love. The Blue moon always seemed to be there when she was in need; it was a long distance embrace causing a smile to always appear on her face.

She spoke to the moon about everything, she trusted him with her thoughts, she delighted for night to come around. Every star bright and every starlight didn’t hear her wish at night for she saw only the moon and no Less than at its best, blue tinting the waters below with its glow.