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When I was in kindergarten.. there was boy in my class, he was scrawny and almost bald, smaller than every other kid in the class and so weird.. He didn’t have a single friend. The rumor was he still wet his bed and everyone was so mean to him; during recess he would collect all the bugs on the pathway and build them a nest in the grass to keep them safe from the other children.

I had never spoke to him because I was already not very popular because I had hair so long, that even braided I would sit on it and I was the richest kid in the class, which made me a target for all the other little girls… But one day during recess I heard him shouting and starting to cry, all the other boys of our class were stomping on the bugs, while laughing “Bug Freak, Bug Freak, Bug Freak”… I ran up to them and without thinking, I started whipping them with my long hair.. No kidding I was the real-life Tangle cartoon.. One boy pushed me from behind and I heard bug boy scream “MRS.BEESBE.. MRS. BEESBE.”

Our overweight, overly make-up teacher came stomping over, you could almost feel the cement tremble the closer she got.. He said “ they pushed Avra and killed all my bugs”… There was thing made very clear in the school, I was the one kid who’s parents ran the school.. My mother was consider mama bear and no one messed with her, her floor long black llama mink fur coat completed the mama bear image..  Mrs. Beesbe took the mean boys away, as I heard “ I’m Nicholas” he put his hand out to help me up, he still had moisture in his eyes from the tears but also had an endearing smile..

He was so nice, for the rest of the recess we made burials for all the dead bugs, as he said a prayer for them to go to heaven. That day we became best friends.. He protected me and I him.. Every day we played with bugs, butterflies really liked him.. We were inseparable and one day we promised to be best friends forever! We pinky promised and a month later Mrs. Beesbe informed the class that Nicholas and his family moved away.. It was the very first promise that a boy made to me and the very first promise broken..

He had every excuse as to why he couldn’t keep his promise, the circumstances were out of his hands, I lost my very first best friend… The reason I gave the long introduction is because today I was thinking about all the promises that were made and broken and I thought, Nicholas was not even 6 but what excuse do grown men have to look someone straight in the eye, utter the words and not keep them, no matter how insignificant the promise.

I have always said “You can determine a man’s value by the worth in his word”

Progressively I have seen great men, that the world holds on a pedestal, have little care for the promises they make. If the circumstances go beyond their capability, or if situations arise that make them unable to complete their promises I understand.. but a real man should swim the waters of the great oceans to keep their word. There was saying “Every man is a king” that phrase has rapidly vanish at the same rate that men have lost their integrity. I hear so many people say “I’m trustworthy.. I deserve respect” but that is an improper statement because no one is trustworthy or worthy of respect unless their word means something, whether if it comes down to washing a cup or keeping the words “Till death do us part.”

I remember always hearing my father tell me “If a man can’t keep his promise for the little things, he will never keep the promises that matter, you will never be able to trust him, and he isn’t worth your time because it will always be a one-sided relationship”

I picked a picture for today’s blog.. Because it is what every girl dreams of.. The guy isn’t particularly the most handsome, but he is there, holding her, comforting her, you can tell there is such a trust, such a bond formed that her heart wouldn’t question him, his intentions or his word for a second.

It is the ideal relationship and it builds from the commitment from the guy, not to the girl but to his word. A man who can’t keep his promises doesn’t respect himself and therefor couldn’t respect anything or anyone else.. broken promises is an indication of selfishness.. and you can’t have a relationship like the picture with a selfish man.

To all the ladies out there that have that great guy, he’s handsome, he’s charming, he’s everything you want esthetically and personality wise but he never calls when he says he will… he’s always late… RUN! The relationship is momentarily filling his selfish needs and you will begin to question him on little things, you will become insecure, you will waste an abundant amount of time, and the relationship will come to an end and you will think it had something to do with you.. but in fact it had nothing to do with you, but everything to do with his missing manhood. Find the man who texts you a few seconds before to see if your free to chat at the time you discussed.. the guy who is prompt regardless of his busy life-style, find the guy who you can trust full-heartedly.

You know recently I was talking to someone that was incomparable to, I had developed such a respect for this individual, he a made a promise and though my opinion on him doesn’t change, to see a man that I thought greatly of, have no care for the promises he makes, lessen the man I saw him to be.

For all you men, you think your good looks, money, athletic abilities will hold you in a state of greatness, that your accomplishments make you worthy of respect or adoration, you would be mistaken… all that, is like presenting monopoly money to Valentino.. Useless because if your word doesn’t count for something, nothing else you have obtained or accomplish is of value.