Avra Amar Filion

How many of you, have met someone who possessed every single quality that bothers you and yet you found a delightful friendship in them… You would look at them and think “wow their really amazing, their going to accomplish true greatness”???

I knew someone who filled that exact criteria.. I won’t name names but he use to be a professional athlete with such a calling in his life… The reason I bring him up for today’s post is to show every male how quickly you can meet your end and all it takes is one wrong person and accumulative amount of wrong choices!

When I first met him, he was rude, his humor quite dry and condescending, instead of hello you got an arrogant shrug of the shoulder and an attitude has though the king had bestowed kindness by acknowledging you.

I had never herd of him before and when one of the other athletes said his name in their accent, my mother and I heard an entirely different name than what his name actually was, so we deemed him as such.. I remember during his third treatment he asked why we were calling by a different name… after we explained he soo sweetly responded “oh, well its okay you can call me ***** it’s a nice name.” and we did continue.

We started to treat him everyday, his demeanor was aloof, boring, and you would get more fizz out of flat coke than you got out of him, but he could have his moments of enthusiasm, and be funny, quirky, and in an alternate universe actually be consider charming… day by day I came to admire him, he surely wasn’t the best athlete but I told him he was, so did my mother  and she really loved him and still does… But he was good hearted… he had a soul of a wounded child seeking for approval and thought he wasn’t worth it, (I could understand with the father he has) and so he compensated his insecurity with a false sense of ego.

But he was helping children, he made others smile, he gave back to the community… He was growing into an honorable and admirable man, worthy of respect and I was proud to call him friend. We picked on each other like friends would, pranked each other, joked, he wasn’t that bright but he could have his little smart comments, so I nicknamed him Socrates.. We would harmlessly flirt with each other…. he cracked a joke once, which he then got his permanent nickname “Big Daddy”…… I called his mom “mommy” and he called my mother “mama”… he even watched The Bachelor with us, with his friend M who worked for him… Oh and M was a sweetie beyond the terms of sweetie… he was like a brother that you couldn’t help but to love.. funny, sweet, helpful, polite.. A truly amazing person..

The reason I’m taking the time to write this.. is to express that .. Let’s name him “Li” was heading in a direction in life that he would have been so much more than just an athlete, he could have turned into a figure of remembrance, a role-model for many, a hero and he was heading that way.. I rarely say this… but he was special.. really really special and it had nothing to do with his profession, or anything he had but solely based on who he was inside and was finally about to unleash the unique person… until he met his life-changing choice.

A woman known to be paid for her promiscuity, and her long-line of family of women who destroyed men… an escort by trait …

Li was faced with two lives… The one of greatness or one of doom with her.

Sadly a man doesn’t see the big picture when a woman is involved.. I watched a man change before my eyes.. he became rude, manipulative, harsh, careless, he even treated M with contempt, his long-time best friend.. he was ungrateful, a poor athlete and a sad imitation of man… My Big Daddy became a Big Joke… … I eventually just stopped treating him and let my mother treat him on her own.. Sometimes watching a man decay is much worse than anything he can do to you personally.

Within a year of dating her, he lost his career, he lost himself, he lost his friends, he lost every ounce of respect, his family weren’t the good hearted people we once knew and he was unrecognizable.. She destroyed him but the thing was, he was warned.. My mother and I told him his career would end if he stayed with her, all his friends told him she was a gold-digger… but regardless he made the wrong choice..

You see men.. its not about what fulfills your needs, its not about who’s prettier… its about who makes you a better man.. Who encourages, helps you make the right decisions even if it means going against her own wants, because her main want is what’s best for you. I truly believe every man is called for greatness and I do believe every man is his own destruction…

Don’t let anything or anyone take you off the path you were born to walk on.. Remain true to the great man in you, empower yourself far beyond your wants.. don’t make the same mistake Li made.

The search after the great men is the dream of youth, and the most serious occupation of manhood.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

For the women who think they so cleverly got a man by deceit and in any essence deprived him of becoming the man he ought have become.. Ladies there is nothing a man is more certain of, than the whisper within his soul telling him he could be more…If you stopped him from fulfilling that whisper you stole from him, his manhood..

The men whose manhood you have broken will loathe you, and will always be brooding and scheming to strike a fresh blow.

–James Larkin

I think one of the most painful things I have had to endure, is to watch Li and his family become the worse versions of themselves and all because of one professional manipulator who perfected “feel sorry for me” routine.

You know there is a theory about a musician and his cello.. They say the musician will play many cellos during his time, the tune may sound right but to his fingers it doesn’t feel right until he comes to one cello. The strings move perfectly to his pressure, that it almost plays the note before he even gets to it, the finger board fits his hand perfectly, the length is just right, that it is effortless and precise the playing between the man and his cello..  A woman should be that one cello, she should hit the right timber at just the right time, she should be formed flawlessly around his needs, and be perfectly in-tune with him. Sadly most men keep the cheaper cello because it mimics the real one for half the cost.

I want every guy who reads this.. to take even two minutes… and ask yourself.. “Could I achieve greatness?” if there is even a tiny spark within you saying “Yes” listen to it and ask yourself “Am I Making The Right Choices To Achieve It.” If the answer even waivers with the smallest possibility that your not.. correct your choices.. Be the greatness you believe deep within you can be.. because nothing haunts us more than two things.

  1. Losing true love
  2. Not fulfilling our purpose.

And I say respectfully never be soo foolish as to let a woman get in the way of who you were designed to be.

To this day my mother and I miss my Socrates, and pray for him to find his way back to the great man we once knew he could be.