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Its no surprise that I would be asked “How can you handle the things said? Aren’t you at all upset?”

Someone I truly love with all my heart, someone I am proud to have as family… Was insulted and attacked with no factuality, her feelings hurt and you know what.. Its sickening that our world has come to pathetic excuses of trash of human beings speaking frivolously their idiotic lies and hurt others.. We have come to a point where there is no morals or respect for the sentiments or peace of mind of another. A school teacher corrects a child without thought to their creative process, some low-life vomits up his pathetic excuse of an existence through fabrications of others, a doctor won’t listen to a patient’s complaint, we disregard everyone to make ourselves for a split second feel better and shatter another without a ounce of care.

My best friend got her reputation tarnished for gossip and has been heartbroken… So here is a useful tip… we all will be attacked, we all will be called names, we will be lied about and there will be things that we wish we could hide and can’t, because some sad person thought it would be fun to pick on you. Listen to me… You are not what they say you are, who you are does not rely on their comments…



Walk with your head held high, brush the insults off the shoulder and carry on, because at the end of the day you can improve yourself and they are stuck with their noise in the lives of everyone they insult and lie about. Does it hurt? Yes.. its human nature to not want to be attacked, its human nature to hate being called-out, but its all the extraordinary gift of the human mind to differentiate the worthy and the unworthy… And if someone for even a second can delight in the suffering of another they are mentally ill and disturbed and completely unworthy of second more of your time.

R. Alan Woods stated:

A sociopath is one who sees others as impersonal objects to be manipulated to fulfill their own narcissistic needs without any regard for the hurtful consequences of their selfish actions.

I would like to add they love to be known for it.

Helpful tool to overcome the people that define that quote, embrace every word they say, take it in, taste their insults, feel the way one ought to feel by being confronted with a sick mind and then recognize the truth in their delusions… Their mind is wrapped in spider’s webs of their own disgust and the only way they can relinquish their own-dislike is putting all their focus on you for any amount of time. You are stronger than they, your truth is your behavior, your courage to laugh at the face of insult.. That doctor probably has a thousand other patients that are planning a malpractice lawsuit and he will one day have to face the lack of compassion he showed others, that girl who calls you fat is probably bulimic and will have to face the health-issues that accompany it, that person on the internet.. well don’t even worry about them they are the least of your concerns…. Just focus on being the best version of yourself, appreciate the people who stand by you and know who you are and stop stressing over the rants of a twisted fool.  I also state that if you feel there is one shred of truth in what they say.. take heed of it and correct it. All life attacks are a means to blossom, growing riper into the person we are meant to be.. Stop worrying what others will think and trust in yourself.. No truth like self- truth..

You know I was talking to my friend Daniel and he used a metaphor to cheer me up a while back and he said “Avra you know in movies where evil and darkness is portrayed as this massive wall of blackness that eats everything, you can see the faces of demons and their tails whirling around in this black mass and then at the very end of the movie this tiny tiny spec of light, so small you can barely see it, miraculously destroys all the blackness and evil.. Avra, who you are as a person is that tiny spec of truth and goodness, and the truth will always prevail over the darkness and evil in this world.”

He was right, each one of us are our own little specs of truth, our way of living shall shine brighter than the largest black-hole, you just have to chose to believe in yourself and not in the words of others. Stay confident, stay happy and stay empowered! These people are like mold, don’t let them infect you bodily home.

Most importantly.. the golden rule… When you overcome your moment’s upsetment and acknowledge it for what it is.. you will be able to help others in the same situation… Don’t worry about people knowing what was said but rather express the situation and help relieve someone from their emotional discomfort and encourage them to see it in a whole new light. I was raised being taught one thing “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, just a whole lot more than we thought we could.” It is in our emotional and spiritual, physical, mental discomfort that we grow and help others in the same place we once were.

To sum up.. Swim boldly in the waters of malicious attack…