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Avra Amar Filion

As a female there is a particular phobia that lies in the majority of most women’s heart… DON’T GET FAT!! We all want to walk into a retail store that we know they’re sizes fit smaller and hear the beautiful words come out of the retailer’s mouth “You Need A Smaller Size” and the only Xs’ we want are the ones followed by a capital “S” (XSmall).

But this post isn’t on how to get that Beach ready bod… No, it’s not my secret to solid abs in less than month.. Bye Bye Cellulite permanently not today… Even my best kept secret.. Undoing the lines of stretch-marks… tan confidently.. but I want to speak about an issue that truly does perturbs me.. Overweight and obesity globally..

Now being a health professional I completely understand thyroid problems and health issues that arise making it extremely difficult for an individual to lose weight, but the rise of obesity and people that are overweight in this world is truly unforgivable and unacceptable..

Now speaking from experience, being 5’8 and my heaviest weight being 148.. Oh God it sickness me to even state that number… Eating take-out for every meal, not sleeping much and using food as an extra source of energy, put on the weight and those late-night little bags of mini eggs didn’t help the issue. So yes I know the comfort of food and I adore food of all kinds… but it came to a point that I had to look in the mirror and I no longer had my 000 size body, I heard the words “You need a large” and I decided right there and then to shut my mouth and get on the treadmill. I counted my meals and my calories, I didn’t find a substitute for a sugar craving, I learned to say “no” to myself and watched those unflattering love-handles (which there is no love in them, believe me) be consumed by muscle.

Most people today that are overweight or obese say “oh I can’t lose the weight.. I tried everything.” My favorite line “I’m really tight for money and its too expensive to cook healthy food”  … Please a bag of carrots is $4 while a cake is $9; so in addition eating bad costs more money.. You don’t fit in your clothing, you need to buy bigger sizes, the carbs your eating will make you hungry in an hour, and mess up your glycemic levels, making you have to devour more than you should.

The reason this issue upsets me isn’t for the mere fact of carelessness for one’s personal well-being but the selfishness that makes an impact on the rest of world for person being incapable to put down a box donuts.

Based on 2013 calculations

Globally 1 Billion people are overweight and 300 million people are obese!

What does this cost? Annually $240 Billion spent on indirect and direct costs due to obesity- related diseases in the United States alone… Why does this upset me?

The government cut down on food stamps considering that the number of Americans on food stamps exceeds the population of Spain, food stamps are essential for people who are starving…48 million Americans are left without health insurance, 4 out of 5 Americans are facing poverty and 1 out of 6 are truly in a state of poverty, 1.2 Million public school students in the U.S are homeless

(72% increase), 150 million people are consider poor or low-income, it is a record breaking ratio between the gap of the poor and the rich in the United States, 1 out of 4 part-time workers live below the poverty line, 1 out of 4 Americans make under $10 an hours, 57% of children in the United States live in impoverished homes, which also means that there has been 130% increase since 1996 making 2.8 million children living on $2 or less daily.

It doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge the $3.7 trillion spent on welfare programs in over 5 years but in 5 years the government would have spent $1.2 trillion on obesity related issues.

The world ratio.. 1 Billion fat people and 870 million people dying of starvation.. a solution that could be fixed by sharing that box of cookies, not feeding one’s sadness but buying food for someone who truly needs it. James Robison feeds the poor and truly does a remarkable job of helping others… If everyone ate a normal and healthy proportion and the spare money that they saved from not pigging-out would feed a family in Africa, the family you know that lives next door that fights to put a decent meal on the table for their children..

New flash.. if you child wobbles, and other children can play “tipping the cow” your not doing right by your child, they will grow up with no self discipline because the can’t even say no to themselves when it comes to something so insignificant as food. For New Years I saw something that repulsed me… We walked into The Keg, my favorite restaurant… Every booth was filled with obese people and each person personally ordering enough food to serve a banquet.. My family and I sat at our table and across from us was a family, the mother could barely bend due to her expanded stomach and the father would huff and puff as he tried to put more food in his mouth, naturally I wouldn’t judge.. to each their own.. Congestive heart failure is every person’s choice… But between these two people where 5 children that combined wouldn’t weight more 130lbs, I could count their ribs 9 feet away, each child had a meal and the parents were tasting their babies’s food?!?!

I was appalled.. coming from a house hold where even if your hungry but you see someone who needs the food more so than you, you give it… No questions.. You give that person your food!!!

Let me be clear, I have no objections to people gaining weight,  and heck if your old and you have a partner and you just want to enjoy all the food there is.. God bless you and keep you healthy during the next wonderful meal but keep yourself healthy, but I truly believe that if your reading this and you have the ability to make your stomach talk, that you have enough cellulite that a man on mars would see your legs from space and question if he was space.. Don’t pick up that coke and no diet isn’t a healthy substitute.. Go home eat a clean salad, make a tuna flank with wasabi mango salad.. Instead of a cake take a protein shake and do half-hour of extreme cardio.. Food is comfort that kills confidence and hurts others and is a horrible example for children.. When I have children I will tell them that McDonalds is a fat Over-seas man who puts poison in the food that kills people, Sugar they will not taste it until they hit puberty, fast-food chains use horse meat (well at least that is now entirely true, thanks to the manipulations in the health code)… I’m sorry the only blunt way to say my thought… is this if every fat person ate half and gave the other half to a poor person we would see the world balance out!

Eat healthy people, strive to look your best.. Their shouldn’t be stores actually named “sizes 14-22 for children” … Children are a gift and we should keep them healthy.. as the saying says “you can kill your loved ones with kindness”