It’s a Japanese word that in a single translation would be defined as “compassion”
But it’s a concept, a way of living that embarks on reviving and nurturing the essence and practice of humanity.
Omoi = consideration for others
yari = is the noun form of the verb yaru, which means sending something to others.
It entails a manner of thought and way of treatment towards oneself and others. One has to consciously choose to examine other’s without judgement. That one can not determine “right” or “wrong” based on another’s actions, beliefs or opinions simply because they differ from their own which also means that we stand morally firm to our beliefs and defend them but don’t deem them as the only way but one of the many possibles ways.

The reason I bring up this concept of living is because as a Pentecostal Christian I can appreciate the cultural diversity and practices that hold a firm belief of helping others.

Omoiyari in practice means that you are not altruistic nor self-oriented but perfectly we-oriented.. Interdependence by true definition. You learn to see things from a logically perspective meaning you can understand where other’s come from, their understanding and their beliefs and appreciate it while not trading your own.

The great thing, is the acute awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses/limitations and acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses in others and working together, that united makes a force of power that grew from the personal growth of the four realms in each and everyone who practices this concept.

The beautiful thing is that this personal maturity isn’t used to personally prosper but to help those less privileged then oneself and take them up with you.. Kind of like the child’s game “monkeys in a barrel”
You can’t make a chain out of one monkey… Nor can this world blossom of the back of one person.. It can be improved even revolutionized but as long as there is a barrel of monkeys working against each other and only focusing on themselves all good will be mucked up.

If you can manipulate news, a judge can manipulate the law. A smart lawyer can keep a killer out of jail, a smart accountant can keep a thief from paying taxes, a smart reporter could ruin your reputation- unfairly.

–Mario Cuomo

In all ways, someone started something that would protect another and then someone came along and manipulated it and now we live in a world of corruption and lies because all good was turned into a well of self-benefits.

We don’t look at another and say ” hey they got less then I, I will help them”

I was talking to this girl, we were grabbing a coffee and she kept going on about her new phone, her new shoes… that yeah she was in a tight spot financially but she had to have these items.. As we were leaving this was this homeless guy, I didn’t have cash on me only $5 dollars in change and my credit cards, I asked her if she had any extra change to give along with my $5… She like ” no…. Someone else will give him.”

I told her ” come on.. You got change back from the coffee”

Her response ” Avra I told you how tight I am for money, I need to save every penny I have for bills.. I can’t give money to every poor person who refuses to work”

This is actually a common response.. Over $1,200 spent on material wants but the second that a penny would be wasted on another there is an overwhelming sense of responsibility for oneself. Our futile wants are being met while another suffers and we can consciously walk away from that individual feeling no moral obligation or sympathy to help but only worry about ourselves.

I truly believe that if everyone every day made one righteous decision that benefits another, whether its financially, letting them win argument, complimenting then, anything that isn’t for ourselves until it become habitual, we would see the world recover,…. children would have proper examples of parents, our desires wouldn’t be so materialist and selfish, there wouldn’t be as many criminals, or people getting hurt because each person would equally think of another to themselves.

I encourage everyone to watch the movie “pay it forward”
One action can cause a flood of kindness