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Avra Amar Filion

Today has been a beautiful day, its finally cold and we have some snow.

I’m going to reveal an embarrassing story, for which people have always mock me for.  Haha they say their laughing with me but I highly believe their laughing at me.

The reason I wish to share this story, is to expose the meanness of others and that rude awakening one faces when another cannot feel what your feeling, cannot believe what you believe, cannot understand you, so they come from dark places and purposely put you down, in order to steal the joy you experience and they can’t.

As far into my childhood as I can remember, my father started to play a game with me and my entire family went along with it.. My father would tap my forehead with his index finger and then say “Oh no where did she go, I can’t see her”

I was INVISIBLE…. I use to go around the house laughing, because I truly thought I was invisible, when we went to restaurants, my mother or father would pretend to go to the washroom and tell the waiter of the game so they would go along with it (I was 4ish)..

My father truly believed, that if I could hang onto a child-like imagination for as long as one can,  I would be able to see the world in a different way. That I would be able to love  the unlovable, to achieve the unachievable, to reach the unreachable, to do the impossible with the joy of youth. … If I have told my father that pigs flied he would have respond maybe one day they will. He encouraged me with always putting a sense of reason and logic into his answers.

Until fifth grade, a new school… I was sadly 10 years old and I kept to the stupid idea, that I really was capable to turn invisible. Until one day when my teacher over-heard me telling one of my classmates what my papa does and that it really works, she came over and yelled at me, she said “How foolish can you be, you have no such ability. Grow up, its just game, its not real

When she said that, the entire class laughed at me, I was mocked and criticized. I had felt like my entire world was crushed, but then all the words my father instilled in me, years of endless encouragement, uplifting, and wise teaching, rushed forth like a river willing to crush anything in its way and I responded “ I am sorry you never had a papa who taught you to believe in the impossible, maybe that’s why you’re an angry teacher.”

I would also like to mention, that it was this same teacher who told me there was no Santa.. But that I just couldn’t believe. My parents did a very good job to keep that one alive.

I know what your thinking, my parents shouldn’t have let me believe for so long, that they set me up for disappointment…. but you would be mistaken, they did me a favor that most parents deprive their children of. The ability to believe in the impossible.! Even though my childish belief was crushed, I was too young to appreciate the attack, but the older I got, I carried on to have realistic impossible dreams,  and as the song says “to dream the impossible dream, to reach the unreachable dream”

My parents did provide me with the ability to see things not as they are but as though they were, and God’s scriptures release to me the blessing that achieve everything, everyone tells me I won’t.

Everyone said I would never graduate high school before 18 and I graduated by 16 with 58 credits and above 4.0 GPA.  Everyone told me that how I see the world is unrealistic., they would see a mean person and I see a person who was simply starved all his life of kindness, they see a kind person and I see a person that knows exactly how to play people to get what they want.. It was thanks to believing in invisibility that led to the ability to see the world completely without anything being invisible, but for the real truth.

People will always attack me, judge me, try to steal my happiness, to accuse me and slander me… there will always be people who will condemn me because they can’t believe in what I believe, that can’t feel what I feel, they can’t see what I see, they only know who they are and condemn me to be the same.

Each person will experience the exact same thing, but you have choice to let someone steal what gives you pleasure, to become who they say you are or who you should be, DON’T !!!!!!!!!

Life isn’t about conforming or being accepted or pleasing the sick delusions of another..  and as my father says “ if you do, you put them in control of your life” and that is something I am not willing to hand to anyone except God. Be yourself no matter how foolish you may be, how crazy your beliefs may be, regardless of who likes it or not.. If the whole world stands against you, remain true to the truth in you!

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”

Albert Einstein

People will attack what they don’t understand; the more you’re liked, the more your attacked. Anything of greater value and worth is always put down because its a reflection to some, of what they will never achieve, what they will never be able to comprehend, who they will never be………. and deep inside they hate that thing, that person ……….because it is a brutal painful awaking of how little and worthless they are!

Remember your values regardless who attacks you, believe regardless who tries to destroy you dreams, love regardless of what others say.. Be you in all ways and at the end of the day you acknowledge your incapability and you use it as your strength to achieve more than what is possible.. It is in our weakness, in our downfalls, our imperfections, and in our attacks, that we grow into an unstoppable force to be relished. Never be arrogant but know your worth!

And when it comes to dreams, remember no matter how impossible they may be, no matter who stands in your way, no matter who attacks or shuns you.. If you believe it, if you see it, if you claim it, you will achieve it! And on that road you will be able to be entertained by other’s envy!

P.s    I wanted to say.., When I started this blog I thought it was going to be a joke… but it picked up and in the last three days, I can’t believe the increase of viewers and visits… thank you for reading and I provide you with a little gift

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Put them wherever I missed!

Have a wonderful Night!