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Good Morning everyone!

Today I’m smiling a little bit more… Woke up to a lovely text message, took a nice walk.. Made a healthy smoothie to undo yesterday.. So ladies I will share a little secret!

We all strive to always fit into our skinny jeans, be able to walk into any store and be able to grab the smallest size on the rack. The woman in my family have a mean saying but very true “ If you for any reason cannot at anytime feel comfortable putting on a bathing suite or strip naked … YOU ARE UGLY!”

I don’t believe in crash diets, though in modeling you may need to lose those those extra 5lbs quickly.. But you still need to maintain a healthy, elastic skin with a plumpness that you look healthy and youthful.. Crash diets, poor eating, all this will kill that image and 5lbs simply isn’t worth it.

So here is the trick. Morning smoothies. I’ll keep posting my recipes for healthy yumminess.


Mega Papo

  •  1 full papaya
  •  2 oranges
  •  2 kiwis
  •  Silicium (from Biosil) {it maintains healthy hair, nails, skin)
  •  Complete Life (Multi liquid minerals)
  •  Magnesium (liquid)
  •  Potassium (liquid)
  •  Calcium (liquid)
  •  Iron (liquid)
  •  Thyroid support (liquid)
  •  B6 (liquid)
  •  Hemp Powder
  •  Meca Powder
  •  Bone support (liquid)
  •  Tons of ice (Ice cuts off the need to want to eat again)

This will make about 1L and you will be full for an entire day, for dinner eat a light vinaigrette salad with ahi tuna and sesame seeds. Even if you don’t work-out you will notice in a short time period your clothing will start to feel bigger. Of course I strongly encourage everyone to work-out, myself I try to get in 1-4 hours a day  I may not always get it but I agree with the saying “suck it up now and you wont have to suck it in later”

Put down that bagel & donut!… Just imagine tomorrow you may bump into Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and he’s says “lets go suffering”