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Well the night is almost over, and finally arriving home from my day’s engagements with a smile on my face..  Canada is never this warm during these months, its as though a little of San Francisco came back with me, to keep me warm.

Has anyone had one of those days, where everything can be going so horrifically wrong and its as though your in a bubble of protection, that there is a giddiness that blossoms forth from even the most silent places in your soul.. Something alters in your life and your truly happy. Its these days, that I know God watches from above and says “Here I give this this to you.. Be happy”

I don’t have a topic for tonight, simply because my thoughts are in a world of their own but I do have a wish.. as each one of you fall into the arms of Morpheus, may your dreams comfort you and may you awaken being romanced by joy, may your day be a little brighter and may God bless everything your hands touch..

As Meg Ryan wrote in “You’ve Got Mail” but slightly alter

Goodnight sweet world, till tomorrow!