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Christmas is just around the corner, the burnt smoky scent fills the crisp chilled air, automatically bringing a smile to many faces because no matter how bad a past may be, Christmas every years brings a sense of hope, childish wants, naïve expectations & faith.  And though it is the season that will bring the Scrooge out in people who share equally seasonally icy hearts, it also can bring a warmness, a dove-winged delight in those who find immeasurable pleasure in the happiness of others.

I am one who is particularly a holiday fanatic whether its Western holidays or Jewish ones, I will be prancing like Rudolf before his first flight… But Christmas ohh it brings a smile to my face.. When I was little we had this humongous family room and every space was filled with presents, my mother who  rejoiced in us having a bounty of gifts to open, would actually fill up not one but two rooms.. As night came around, we would still be opening toys, wrapping paper enough to bury us 6 feet under and we would actually ask my mother if we could stop opening gifts because we were tired. Boxing day would pass, another day gone and we would hear…. “Oh you missed some”

When it came to Santa, I was like the Jehovah Witness, I would pester you until you converted whether or not you liked it, because no one and I mean NO ONE was going to tell me, my Santa wasn’t real!! So one Christmas Eve I prayed to God that Santa would talk to me… I was 6 and very very impressionable, when Christmas Morning came I opened my Red Sea of gifts until I parted a way to my Christmas stocking… it looked empty, my sister’s were overflowing, and mine NADA, I thought “OH NO I GOT COAL” but inside was a tea stained letter that I found out was written by my mother much later in life…. And truthfully I received every gift I had asked for on my list, except Rudolf… and none compared to that letter from Santa. Every night I got my mom to read it to me.. SANTA WROTE TO ME! Till this day I remember that very moment of joy that filled my hear with so much gladness that no material object could have brought to me, to feel my childish hopes come true in such a personal manner whether or not it was real, in that very moment in time it was, at that point my perception was my reality and discovering that I had such joy for something my mother wrote doesn’t deprive me of my silent smile of remembrance.

That’s the sad thing in life just because something didn’t work out as you thought, that something wasn’t as you believed, we forget the priceless joy we experienced and rather shun the moment instead of treasuring the few moments in life that we experience un-purchasable gladness and than we  look back to our past as though it was unpleasant, depressing when in reality it wasn’t , its just that way based on our own personal choice to see things in a negative light because instead of appreciating we grow in selfishness and in selfishness no joy can grow..

But the other thing about Christmas that truly makes me happy wasn’t the abundance I got to luckily experience but it was the moments that lead up to and that were after Christmas Day.

My mother tried avoid taking me Christmas grocery shopping with her.. Since we always left with doubles and I perfected my puppy-face pout during these shopping trips. My mother was always obligated to buy at least 3 roasted chickens and bread and chocolate bars. She would then drive the streets of Toronto with me like a puma watching and then screaming “Taco”.. …

What is a taco??.. No its not what you are thinking.. My mother before bed would snug the blankets so tightly around us and say “goodnight my little taco”.. So when I saw a homeless person wrapped within their blankets, I had found a homeless taco who needed food.  She would stop regardless where the street was, if the chance was available, she helped me out of the car and I would give that person a roasted chicken, buns, and of course like any good little Santa helper, some chocolate.

We gave potatoes, sweet yams, a big turkey to homeless shelters…. this I would like to mention was not just a Christmas tradition, whenever I saw a taco, I would make my mom stop and give food, anything that person needed. After Christmas my toys seemed to vanish except for a few that I really wanted, and kids at my school who parents didn’t believe in Christmas got a little after Christmas joy, kids at shelters got the newest Barbie or remote control car.

My biggest joy was the face that each one of those people got, to see their face lighten-up because that got what they wanted. There is such a fulfilling feeling knowing you have the means to give to another and make even the smallest moment in their life happy.. Yes we have come to a world where people just don’t care and have the means to have a career but don’t and live on the streets…….but there some people, who lives have been crushed, that the opportunity of living has been ripped from them and are deprived of the greatest thing one needs… A CHANCE! So we deem all homeless people, or less fortunate people as unworthy. Which is truly sad.

We don’t teach children to feel sympathy or empathy, we are a cold heart generation who only care about ourselves “ME ME ME!!! I WANT THIS, I NEED THIS, WHAT ABOUT ME?? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE ME?”

Who cares if you have the Iphone 4 and not the Iphone 5s, someone near you is struggling to provide food for their babies, they found the necklace their husband bought for his mistress.  We need to reprioritize our lives and seek the pleasure of seeing that glim of happiness on another. It doesn’t matter if you think they deserve it, as the Bible says “ Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” and you never know you could be entertaining an angel.