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Our prayers run along one road and God’s answers by another, and by an by they meet

— Adoniram Judson

This quote is actually quite perfect.. If you ever watched the movie “You’ve Got Mail” Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks start the movie off by reading each other’s letters not having a clue who the other is (Name, Profession, what they look like.. etc) and then leave their homes and start walking the streets of New York and cross each other at least 6 times until one time that God/Fate/Destiny allow it to be.

That is like our prayers; we pray full-heartedly and in just the right time God’s answer will meet our prayer. So this Sunday lets put our minds and our spirit/faith on the same page! Stop murmuring and complaining that God hasn’t answered your prayer in the time frame you wanted. God’s time is perfect for you and the surrounding circumstances and  then BAM your prayer is answered better and more effectively than if He had answered when you had wanted. Prayer is a life changing tool.. Its like a wall-shelf you can’t see the screws but if one is slightly loose, the shelf slants forward and anything on the shelf will fall over, if the shelf is slightly crooked everything will fall to the slanted side.. The shelf is our prayer, the screws are our faith and unless we screw it firmly and tightly that no weight can weaken it, then God can place His answer boldly on top of it, without it falling over because we didn’t lay before Him an unstable faith!

Wait patiently, prepare your surroundings to receive the the blessing even if it requires the most painful preparation…. Self-preparation! Keep walking forward and eventually God will cross your path and He will deliver not only your prayer but more on a sliver platter!

Have a wonderful Sunday

Believe and you will receive