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Self-Made Man Larry Ellison By Avra Amar Filion

Self-Made Man Larry Ellison By Avra Amar Filion

Many people ask me.. “Who do you think is an amazing person?” It seems like such a simple question, but actually, if you look at the meaning of the question its quite complex.

Shakespeare was amazing at poetry and playwright, Socrates amazing at philosophy, Einstein, Michelangelo, Hahnemann, Rembrandt were amazing at their gifted traits and expertise, but that doesn’t mean that in their totality, they measure up to the word “amazing” ….. And yes there is Gandhi, Mother Teresa and many of their kind but when asked that question, I much rather give an answer that hasn’t already been given a million times.

Being Attaché Of International Culture Affairs for WONM, while being a Sports Injury Professional… I meet every name that is a name, and most of the time I’m completely an eccedentesiast. I am confronted with endless accomplishments, grueling talks of status and financial abundance, and I would rather be at home doing paper work or watching “You’ve Got Mail” for the 1001th time…. But recently I did come across one person that I think is truly and undoubtedly amazing.

And not for the reasons everyone else thinks he is amazing for… No, my reasoning comes from a place that can’t be impressed or bought, but from sincerity.. It wouldn’t be a surprise when I say “Lawrence Joseph Ellison” since I have already written about him more than once on this blog.. Well maybe I’m bias.

But there is a bounty to his hidden persona. Many see a man who came from a horrible beginning, they see all the tactics he performed to get one step further, and then everything is a blur and the only thing people see is “MONEY”….. His trophies, his collections, his ability to make a multi-billion dollar company…..

To me he is a profound orator, a seducing verser, with the passion that would ooze forth as in a lively child and the smile embodies that liveliness.  Pensive, articulate, simple in speech with a hidden complexity in meaning; Mr. Ellison is the true definition of nonpareil. He speaks in a way that is comforting even when speaking of something as futile as the “Weather” …he is generous, polite, caring, charming, very tender,  a man with a golden heart.

I read about this young boy and his father who carved diamonds.. The father was the master at craving diamonds… yet they were poor and did this labor getting paid just enough to survive..    The father was getting old and his hands began to shake, so he taught his son the way to perfection and in the process, that little boy (12 years old) would sit for hours carving the diamond and when finished presented it to his father. To jewelers, to a trained eye he was unbelievably talented and his stone carving was perfect, but not to his father.  Everytime the father took the stone, held it up to the light and looked at it in every angle and would find even the tinniest of flaws and tell his son to try again. Until one time, when the boy was finally almost giving up, presented his father with a stone, again his father held it up to the light and then to another.. put it back in the hand of his son and said “ keep this, never trade it, never sell it.. its flawless. Its perfect!”

Why did I take the time to say that.. Because we have so many people in the same shoes as Mr. Ellison, some richer, some better at some things.. but when you hold them up to the light they are flawed, some you don’t even need the light.. Mr. Ellison has been held under every light and with his imperfections, he seems somehow to come out flawless.. A man that can’t be traded, a man that can be beat, a man that should be held in remembrance, as self-made perfection.

He will always be a seducing verser.