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What I truly dislike are small-minded people who say age differences should be considered when it comes to relationships. Yes a man should not date a minor and from the viewpoint of a woman I personally feel a woman shouldn’t date younger than herself, we don’t need more Moores!

My father is much much MUCH older than my mother, my grandfather was 23 years older than grandmother… Celine Dion seems very happy..

Today a young woman can’t logically from the viewpoint of others fall madly head over heels for a man twice her age without being called a gold digger.. Okay yes today’s society every woman has a price, it could even be half a cigarette and their hopping…… But can’t some women’s price be returned love.

Have we fallen so lack mentally that determining the quality and blatant intentions of a person regarding their relationship is too much for our capacity.

Till this day I have not found my self mentally attracted to anyone less than twice my age and even that is still unfulfilling, and Gods know a handsome face or built body easily decays at a far faster rate than the mind. Even money can be as water in an open hand, intangible and undependable.. So can’t a girl truly fall for someone and it be purely based for a quick mind, a dashing sentence, a kiss of properly put words and there and then irrevocably and irresistibly fall for the man regardless of his age, his social position, his excess or lack of but for him.

Unfortunately to many unintelligent opportunists “I’m a model” who has absolutely nothing to offer of value, bought a little of the poor man’s rich and ruined it for all the sincere properly brought up young women who don’t need a man to help make their lives but rather who chose a man to share their lives with, a man whom they will find solace and feel safe, a man who has been around the block and is ready to settle and finally make the famous words “till death do is part” come true.

Age has no value when it comes to the heart! We are dictated/instructed of what is socially correct by a world that is morally corrupt; no respect for people, religion, politics, our bodies, sex, love, morals but God forbid we do the atrocious sin to fall in love with someone older than ourselves. We don’t die with a number; we die holding the hand of the one single person in the world who fills our heart with joy.

Love has no age, no limits; and no death.”

–      John Galsworthy