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The social debate about marriage..

Is love more important than respect or is it vicsa versa…

Marriage fails for four reasons… Morals, religious views, sex and money but the marriage is destine to fail because it originally lack three things a marriage needs.

Trust. Trust builds a friendship, a union based on security that your safe with one another without feeling you must continuously look over your shoulder.


Trust is the fundamental key to a relationship that the whole world could be saying something absolutely horrific about you and your partner believes only what you say.. Trust at it’s finest builds the home for……

Respect… As important as it is for a man to feel respected, it is equally just as important to a woman.. There is a mutual understanding of each other, that on the pretenses of respect they will never do anything to the other that would be considered disrespectful or compromising trust… Such as lying, cheating, omission, basic direct or indirect treatment. Respect is knowing that you are accepted just the way you are and the other does not try to change you but rather helps you grow without ever putting you down. Knowing that you are respected and have the equal sentiments return develop and produce….

Love… Not just love but unconditional love.. as the Bible says “one flesh marriage” love is knowing that if everything fails, the other will be there holding your hand smiling because they still got you…loving you with all your flaws and imperfections because they took the time to trust, to developed a deep-rooted respect and chose that there will forever only be you.

Short form
:    The key to a relationship that grows grey hair, wrinkly hands, a little senility while keeping the promise… Till death do us part…. Is…
Trust builds respect and respect grows into love.