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When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for everyone to tell you you’re nuts.

–Lawrence Joseph Ellison

There are many motivational speakers, life coaches, gurus but none can so easily instil a essence of inspiration and truth in even the most small-minded obtuse people.
You could have the most beautifully put verse but without proper intonation it could feel lifeless and worthless… anyone could say that quote, but its his intonation, his attitude, his way of being … It’s he who puts value in the things he write and says!

Mr. Ellison may say Steve Jobs is irreplaceable but I don’t think he knows how irreplaceable he is himself.. He marked a change, he revolutionized not only technology but the dream in many hearts of what’s possible..a will-power to succeed, assurance to demand what he wants and irrevocably he will always be the face people see when they think of genius.