Luke 21:28
“Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near.”

In these last few months much sorrow has taken place not only in our personal lives but in the lives of others around the world. Earthquakes and natural disasters have made people feel alone…. without hope, thought and questions ponder their minds. When they once were able to roll over and go to sleep…. now have no bed, no place to call their own.

Surely they have asked themselves “What if???What about tomorrow? Where will my life be? How can I restart? What do I do? Is there anyone to help me???”
     The Bible speaks of natural disasters, sorrow, the end of time…. THE RAPTURE… I would like to think what we are going through is just the beginning of the end times.

The reason I bring up the people who have lost everything is not to say how lucky we are… no this is no optimistic resolution of how fortunate we are but quite the contrary to show how vain we are.

As I watch the news I see people who have lost their families, children left with no home, no family to care of them, watching your mom or dad die in front of you. Women without a home to take care of her babies, I envy them because after all they have been through they look up with their head high and say proudly “Thank you my Heavenly Father, Your will be done in my life.” I watched a woman who had lost her home that her husband had built for her and their children.
He died, the house totally gone as though it never existed, she was not complaining and murmuring that she didn’t have her husband, her house or a place to let her children sleep or even food…… but she decided that the Lord had a great will… she went and found an abandoned place, tried to fix it as best as she could and started bringing people/ families in the same position as she and gave them what she had lost.
She had faith that the Lord knew best and would take care of her so thought to herself “why not do unto others what the Lord will do for me.” ……. brings to mind a quote from the Bible “See it not as it is but as though if it was.”

Why is it that we are so afraid to run or to walk because we might fall or stumble? When something slightly pressuring, scary or bad happens we act as though we have lost everything…. we murmur and complain, we try condemn God for letting bad things happen to us when it’s our fault for not looking at them as an opportunity to show how strong we can be.

Let us this Passover thank God for every good and specially bad situation that has happened to us, let us give gifts to God to show Him that what He has done for us, we have taken acknowledgment of it.
He gave us life, He sacrifice His son to give us freedom.

When I see Luke 21:28 I can’t help to think “WOW…. How much more can God comfort us… to tell us that yes hard times will come our way, but we shall not be fearful or worried… “Psalm118:13 “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?” NOTHING can harm us when the Lord is with us. He is our Rock, Salvation, and most of all our Redemption.

This Passover let us redeem ourselves by accepting the Redeemer into our lives. When times are close and times are bad… He our Father is there to accept us as we accept Him.

I could tell you my life story and all the bad that has happened but it would take forever….. But you know what takes longer to tell…..?!?!?!? Every bad thing that has happened to me God has given me a blessing 10times greater than what I could ever imagine…Why? Because at the end of the day, I lift my head high and looked to Him and said “Thank you my Redeemer.”

I wish for you my friends who are taking the time and the bother to read it, the blessing I soo much enjoy the overwhelming love of God, redemption and grace from His death to His resurrection on this special day!

God bless you.