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Larry Ellison Larry Ellison

November 7, 2013

The awarding of Steve Jobs & Lawrence Ellison

As I sit in the crowd, hearing speaker after speaker, the listeners unexcited silently listening… waiting for the moment. Then it came, everyone stands to their feet, clapping, his presence envelopes the stage claiming the attention of everyone, his persona greater than California….. every eye widens, I think even the camera lenses expanded…. Lawrence Joseph Ellison got on stage. A humble but proud smile was on his face as he heard the cheers.

Many people may think of Mr. Ellison as a bank account, a well tailored suit, a robot of success, the Tony Stark of our realistic world, an image that people can live vicariously through by fantasy; he is that but he is soo much more and it showed through his words of passion and conviction, sorrow of losing his best friend but filled with integrity to come to an event that was evident he wouldn’t have attended merely for himself but to honour his friend.

To see a man who has every right to be arrogant, proud, and aloof and rather he was welcoming, sincere and far from the monster every journalist and writer (unaccomplished jealous small-minded peasants who gets a moment of fame by putting a great man down.. Not to name names Mike) tries to make him out to be.

Mr. Ellison, spoke calmly and instead of praising himself at his own awarding he spoke solely about Mr. Jobs, as he looked at the crowd a few times, he lowered his eyes several times as though he was mentally reliving the stories he was speaking of. A chuckle and a minute grin during the speech and everyone hanged onto every word he spoke. I’m sure everyone longed to speak to him for even a minute unfortunately he left promptly after speaking but you could see on the faces of everyone, there was a sense of accomplishment by merely listening to him.

Mr. jobs was an extraordinary man who had the “I” (eye) for perfection, he left us in a technological revolution that he started and no matter what technological advances we make now he will always be the reason that we are capable to advance further. He didn’t settle and for that he left the message in every creative mind “it could be better!”

Mr. Jobs will always be a great lost, fortunately for us we still have a genius among us who will build the next bridge for the future of technology…. Mr. Lawrence Joseph Ellison………Thank you.