Has anyone ever driven down a dark country road that is straight as far as the eye can see, the moon barely shines enough to guide, and you think to yourself that, that road just appears like it will never curve, never bring you to your desired destination.

Tragically our lives can make its way on a path just as emotionally draining as that road. You never have the chance to catch a breath and with every pounding beat of your heart you silently pray for the courage to triumph one day more!

No matter how much I smile, I giggle like a high school girl, but I know that feeling oh so well.

The reason I have the arrogance to smile is because it’s like swimming.. You take in a deep breath, you dive into a world that is unknown and you have the confidence that it’s your choice to raise to the surface again.

Faith is a lot like running shoes! You buy a stunning $200 pair, they fit like a glove, you put them on and you are ready to go running but if you don’t tie up the laces, it’s impossible to run and it’s exactly like that; if you don’t tie up the laces of your life with faith, your going no where!

Family may hurt you, friends may betray you, dreams may vanish, and you may have more failures then one would like to confess… But the sum is; pain is the very essence that awakens the most silent pieces of our soul to say “I deserve the best” and it’s the people who act on those echoes that achieve the best and have an amazing story of success. Savor every tear, every insult, every failing moment and use them as the building block for the life you desire!

Suffering is a testament our strength.