When I was little, my biggest fear wasn’t the dark, Freddie, Jason, buggyman, not even that anticipated coal from Santa.. My fear was, what if I didn’t accomplish all that I wanted.. what if when I grew up a bit, my life came to halt and I would be stuck in that very phase for the rest of my life and I had no more to offer… I remember one day in Florida asking my papa silly questions about my future and he carried me in his arms and took me to the balcony and said “ baby girl look at the sea.. do you see how it looks like it ends ? Our life is like the sea.. We may think just because we can’t see anymore of it, that it must be the end but in fact the closer we move, the further out we take ourselves, we will discover the vastness of its greatness, that it doesn’t come to end as long as we don’t make a permanent home in the place we momentarily stand. There is always more to us, more to our life, more to what we can accomplish as long as we don’t permit ourselves to let our eyes deceive us in believing that all that we see right now is all that there is out there, all that we have to offer. We are as bountiful as the living cells in the ocean and we possess the power that’s hidden in a serene wave waiting for right time to unleash its furry.”

That metaphor replays loudly in my mind, the image of the sun setting, being consumed by that navy blue crystal sheet of water.

God says in Psalms 2:8 “ Ask of Me, and I will give the nations as your inheritance, and the very ends of the earth as your possession:

Revelations: 2:26 “To him who overcomes and does My will to the end, I will give him authority over the nations.”

Those scriptures bring comfort to my heart with the simple rule of obedience..
And as of yet everything that I have asked for that was good for me rather than what I wanted, I have received promptly and perfectly.. I don’t fear man and I don’t fear my own capabilities, I rejoice that nothing is impossible for me simply because nothing is impossible for my God!

You got Christ? Do you have everything you want? If not the first question is the solution.