PASS Memories

These nights are in your eyes.

The things I try to deny just won’t go and hide.

Love is on my path, I don’t know if I should surrender or fight and let faith have its right.

I’m losing time. Your smile takes me back to the happiest moment from my painful days.

I have so much joy and no evidence to show of it.

Let no feather touch my skin encase this is a dream of mine.

I fall free just to hear my heart beat.

Captured and covered with the almost strongest feeling of love.

Let never a tear be shed by these eyes.



Sorrows have no room in the world of love.

Tears are shed because of wounded pride.

Not a thought goes unknown in this world of idols.

Smirks are given when bows are needed.

Respect is lost in the sea of deceitfulness.

Eyes are close when children grow.

Morals are forgotten while sins are accomplished.

Hatred is returned with vengeance, a carried on circle of life.

Hearts are blacken with an unworthy cause.

Doors are locked not only of homes but of souls.

Music doesn’t own rhythm anymore but has been corrupted with a dance of pornography.

Don’t listen to words spoken but listen to those, which are hidden.

Just look up and there is a being willing to rescue.

Don’t keep the minds of others set free and take a risk of the pleasure of then unseen.

Love isn’t war to be led to the fields, surrender and live.

Live the fullest like the Almighty has wanted.

There is light beyond this simple galaxy.

Death is gossip but life is a grounded secret.

Peace, love, life are things our ears scream in pain for the sweetest word explained.

Take off those bandages of death and pain.

Don’t live in the sorrow that was passed and put upon our being.

Wings are open, minds are unlocked with words of approval.

Discarding the obvious of wrong actions and going with words unspoken is a stone to thy heart.

Omission is truly a betrayal to oneself and others.

Time is near don’t end with a tough of I wish.



Oh my lord

How my soul longs to be free

Will I ever know the feeling of peace

Shall I be flooded by my tears

Oh my lord

Will my heart ever stop the war against itself

Do I have to bleed in order to redeem myself

My mistakes that cause me sorrow won’t let me live tomorrow

Oh my lord

I’m like a wounded flower unable to grow that won’t be remember

A simple look of lust for a moment of beauty soon to be forgotten

Oh my lord

As eyes looked down on me I hide my face in shame I look to heaven to find a place for me

Is this all but a dream that leaves me in terror

If so let the air I breath be cleansed with mercy and grace

Oh my lord

Will I forget love and replace it with anger and pride because I lack knowledge.